Inctel Technology Co.,Ltd (hereafter referred as "Inctel",) registered in HK and Mainland China, has been a high-tech enterprises engaged in the field of mini pc, thin client, cloud computing since 2008. It headquartered in Shenzhen, where it is known as "the smart manufacturing city".We have subsidiaries distributed in Beijing and Wuhan, as well as many joint partners in other countries, such as USA, Italy, Germany, Canada, Nigeria, and India etc.

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# Products

Name Doc Test Bench Hack Note
itx-b75sl no no no no -
itx-d25sl no no no no -
itx-g41xe no no no no -
itx-h67sl no no no no -
itx-h87sl_b no no no no -
itx-m2f no no no no -
itx-m5f no no no no -
itx-m5v no no no no -
itx-m5v_b no no no no -
itx-m8f no no no no -
itx-m9f no no no no -
itx-m9f_b no no no no -
itx-n70sl no no no no -
itx-n70sl_b no no no no -

# Archives

Name Reference or ID Link Architecture
inctel ITX-M5F (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M5V (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M5V_B (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M2F (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M8F (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M9F (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-M9F_B (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-D25SL (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-G41XE (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-H67SL (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-B75SL (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-H87SL_B (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-N70SL (opens new window) x86_64
inctel ITX-N70SL_B (opens new window) x86_64

# Resources and References