Friendly Router Project

Collaborative and Agnostic Database, Documentation and Guides to configure Open-Source Friendly Switches, Routers and Firewalls. Designed to be easily shared with others.

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Open Source Friendly Database

Linux/Unix/BSD compatible hardware listed for you! It's coming from around the world, in many different shape and architecture.

Tested Hardware

Many of the hardware present here will be tested and reviewed.

Benchmarked Hardware

Test is not enough, if you buy a new device, you need to know its performance. Well, we want to benchmark it for you!

Switches, Routers and Firewall Configuration

Minimal setup for Open Source Switches, Routers and Firewalls. We like to share our own configuration on Linux, Unix and BSD systems.

Share, share and share!

We share our experience and our knowledge with everyone interested! Nothing to hide, it's open sourced.

Cool Mascot

A project is nothing without a mascot... We have Switchy, our connected cat! :)