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CZ.NIC is a Czech interest association of legal persons established by leading Internet service providers in 1998. The main activity of the association is administration of domain names .cz and 0.2.4.e164.arpa (ENUM), administration of .cz top-level domains and education in the area of domain names. Currently, the employees of the association are intensively working on expanding the DNSSEC technology, developing the domain administration system and mojeID service and promoting new technologies and projects beneficial to the Internet infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

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CZ.NIC is an active association, really active. Many projects were created by them, initialy in domain name market, but also in many other domains, like networking. Turris project was created to offer a true open-source router. After many tests and prototypes, the first commercial version was produced 2016 and crowdfunded on Indiegogo (opens new window). It is now 3 different devices designed by this association, respectively called Mox, Omnia and Shield.

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