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# Specifications (summary)

A quick view of the specification for this device.

# Specifications (full)

  • Intel SkyLake/KabyLake U series CPU
  • DDR3L SODIMM x 1,Support up to 8GB max
  • Full MINI PCIE Connector x 1 for WIFI/BT or 4G
  • Full MINI PCIE Connector x 1 for MSATA SSD
  • NANO Sim Card Socket x 1
  • 7P SATA Connector x 1
  • 4P SATA Power Connector x 1
  • 2x5 9P Front Panel Header
  • 1x3 3P Auto Power On Header
  • 1x3 3P Clear CMOS Header
  • 2x5 10P GPIO Header, Supporting 8 GPIO
  • 2x5 9P USB2.0 Header, Supporting 2 USB2.0
  • 2x5 9P COM Header, Supporting 1 RS232
  • 30P FPC x 1 for PCIE Expansion
  • 30P FPC x 1 for EDP/USB Expansion
  • 50P FPC x 1 for COM Port Expansion
  • DC JACK x 1
  • Dual USB 3.0 Connector x 1
  • Dual USB 2.0 Connector x 1
  • HDMI Connector x 2
  • DB9 COM RS232 Connector x 1

# Documentation

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# Compatibility

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# Drivers

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# Configuration

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# Development and Hacks

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